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SilverStick vs. the one hitter

The SilverStick provides a softer draw than the standard one hitter/taster pipe. The smoke gets diffused through the cotton filter, and the burning embers and particulates are blocked.

The SilverStick bowl is roughly 2-3 times larger than the standard one hitter/taster, which makes it easy to share with others. Generally, it holds 4 or 6 draws, and sometimes even more (all bets are off if you are Michael Phelps). We’d love to hear what you think the serving size is.

Because it is a little wider than other one hitters/tasters, it won’t fit in a standard dugout, but you can check out our dugouts and leather kit travel cases that have everything that you need.

Does it filter out the effect?

Absolutely not! You still get the full experience. Without the gunk.

Why Cotton filters?

It’s the most natural solution we could find that gets the job done. They have no bleach or chlorine or any additives at all. Most cigarette filters are made from cellulose acetate, which contain 12,000 plastic-based fibers.

Ease of inhale

For some people it’s slightly harder to draw through these filters, but when you actually see the gunk that gets trapped, we think you’ll conclude that it’s well worth the effort. 

Does the SilverStick get hot?

If you leave the flame on it long enough, it can get hot. Because the Silverstick one hitter/taster is a front loading device, it is difficult for the user to view the bowl end while lighting. You can use the reflective metalic part of the lighter as a mirror to see if it’s lit. Pull the flame away once you see the glowing ember. See video.


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