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silverstick ranked number 2 on Rolling Stone's pot lover's gift guide

SilverStick No. 2 Rolling Stone's Pot Lover's Gift Guide!

As seen on the Cannabist

Exquisite dugout completes a nostalgia-inducing combustion bat Herb Review of the SilverStick one-hitter with a filter

This Multi-Hitter Pipe Will Change How You Smoke Cannabis Forever.

Massroots review of the Silverstick one-hitter with a filter

Its large bowl makes the SilverStick perfect for sharing, and its discrete profile makes it ideal for when you’re on-the-go.

weed week logo

The SilverStick exemplifies the weed world’s evolution from stoner essentials to high-end lifestyle products.

As seen on Tokyo Smoke

The SilverStick, a healthier take on the one hitter.

As seen on Sharp Magazine

This sleek, pocket-sized one-hitter comes complete with a filter designed to keep your inhales smooth.

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