Use & Care

SilverStick Pipe

How To Use


Unscrew the SilverStick pipe and insert one of the cotton filters into the mouthpiece. Screw the metal pieces back together and put your product into the reservoir (bowl) end. Light while gently inhaling through the mouthpiece. If your product is dry or ground, works best if bowl is well-packed.

When it comes to changing your filter, we recommend changing it after 1-4 bowls. You can change it more or less, but just make sure they're switched out before they get too saturated or else it can effect your experience. To remove the used filter, unscrew the one hitter and push the poker (which is included) through the mouthpiece. Replace the used filter with a fresh one.

stages of filter use

Clean & Care


The SilverStick is easy to clean! Unscrew the SilverStick pipe and remove the used filter. Place the metal pieces (along with the poker) in a small bowl or short glass. Fill it with rubbing (isopropyl) alcohol until the pieces are completely submerged (Rubbing alcohol is inexpensive and readily available at any supermarket or drug store).

Wait 30 minutes and swirl the contents to help remove any remaining residue. Then wipe the pieces clean with a paper towel or a cotton swab and rinse with water.



The Lighter Trick: when inhaling, in order to know if the product in the bowl is lit, use the reflective metallic part of the lighter as a mirror.

A slow, steady draw helps to prevent the product from being pulled through the SilverStick. Of course, unlike an ordinary one hitter/taster pipe, the filter will block any debris from reaching the mouthpiece (or your lungs).

Leather Dugout

How To Use

Wondering how the Leather Dugout all comes together? Everything fits best if you place the lighter on the left, airtight container in the center, pipe on the right, and the poker in the notch cut on the upper right side of the lip. You can also place 4 filters in the bottom chamber.

The Leather Dugout can also be preloaded before you venture out! Fill up the airtight container with the product of your choice, and you can pack the SilverStick pipe straight from the container. The pipe can also be preloaded, capped, and placed in the dugout. 

Clean & Care

The Leather Dugouts are handmade using old-world tanning and manufacturing processes, giving each its own personality and making sure that, with the proper care, they will stand the test of time. In terms of cleaning, most residue will come off after wiping with a damp cloth. For deeper cleaning when the dugouts have accumulated a lot of wear, use a leather cleaner like saddle soap. This will remove buildup, but dry the leather considerably, so it's important to follow it up with a leather conditioner like Neatsfoot oil to renew and soften the leather. Eventually, the dugout will wear to your lifestyle and we hope will become an indispensable part of your life.

Wooden Dugout

How To Use

Top Swivel:

When you swivel the top of the dugout, it reveals one slender chamber for the SilverStick pipe, a wider chamber for the product of your choice, and a notch for the poker. The pipe chamber is spring-loaded, so be aware the first few uses. The one hitter can be loaded by placing the bowl end into the product chamber and packing it against the bottom.

Bottom Swivel: 

The bottom can be swiveled to reveal a secondary compartment that holds backup filters.

Works best to empty the bowl of ash and whatnot before placing the Silverstick back into Dugout, bowl end down. End cap not to be used with Dugout.

If there is remaining product in the bowl after use, the SilverStick can be placed bowl-end up in the dugout to preserve the leftover.

Clean & Care

Dugouts made from wood and other natural materials are typically not safe to use chemical cleaners on, but most of your cleaning can be accomplished with a cotton swab. You can just dust off the particles left in the chambers pretty easily, and you can also dip the cotton swab in some hot water and scrub with that if there’s anything that’s stuck on.

If your dugout looks like it needs some love, You can also polish it up and seal it with some food-grade safe finish. For our dugouts, we use food-grade salad bowl finish, but there's a lot of things to choose from like butcher block oil and other safe options.

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