SilverStick - Slim

  • SilverStick Slim one hitter pipe with a filter (40771715096)
  • SilverStick - Slim
  • black metal travel pipe (40771715096)
  • red SilverStick metal one hitter (40771715096)
  • SilverStick Slim metal one hitter with a filter (40771715096)
  • SilverStick - Slim
  • SilverStick - Slim
  • SilverStick - Slim
  • Slim silverstick pipe being held by woman (40771715096)
  • SilverStick Slim metal travel pipe with a filter being placed inside (40771715096)
  • slim silverstick one hitter on a bench (40771715096)

SilverStick - Slim

$ 25.00

If you wish to purchase extra filters for your pipe aside from those included, purchase the Slim filters. The Large filters are not meant for this size pipe.

Been burnt too many times by your old pipe? Say hello to the SilverStick™. Made in the USA from ultra-durable, aircraft-grade alloy, the SilverStick Slim pipe uses a natural cotton filter to provide a smoother, cooler draw while blocking hot embers and trapping tar.

The SilverStick Slim is a compact alternative to the SilverStick Large due to its smaller bowl (good for 2-3 draws) and slender profile. Its smaller size also allows it to fit in most standard 4" dugouts. “Do I need batteries to use it? An app? Blockchain?” Nope! We keep it simple and electronics-free, so it's reliable, maintenance-free, and easy to clean

  • Aircraft-grade alloy pipe
  • 15 natural cotton filters
  • Stainless steel poker
  • Silicone odor-resistant end cap (with a magnet)
  • Measurements: 3.125" (W) X .38" (H)

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