5 Essential Tools for Smoking On the Go


Cannabis has been used  in one way or another by humans for thousands of years. While it has for the most part been stigmatized, we have seen dramatic changes over the last decade. Now it is legal in much of the United States(all of Canada!), and everyone from parents, to CEOs, to world class athletes are utilizing the plant and elevating their lives.

For some, cannabis can play a major role in their active, healthy lifestyle. Whether it helps them achieve the task at hand, aids in their recovery process, or just helps them keep their mind right, there’s something to be said about how it can be an essential tool for anyone who is active or on-the-go.

Additionally, it’s become an integral part of many successful peoples’ daily routines, just like a cup of coffee or a morning podcast on the way to work. Gone are the days of being shameful about this practice. In 2022, cannabis consumption is now widely accepted as an alternative to a glass of wine

There are many different ways to consume, but smoking is by far the most common Here are some essential tools you’ll want to make sure you have on hand to enhance your experience. Throwing together a kit to carry in your pocket, backpack, or purse before you leave the house can save you a ton of stress when it comes time to imbibe. Here’s a quick hitting list of 5 tools we feel are essential for every on-the-go cannabis smoker:

  • Lighter

  • This one is pretty obvious - DO NOT FORGET A LIGHTER! We’ve all been there, and it’s a drag. One pro tip is to invest into a nice lighter or lighter case. Not only will this make it so you value it more and keep a better eye on it, but other people will also be less likely to accidentally pocket it as it’s unique and not just another simple Bic from the gas station. It adds a little weight which feels good in the hand. SilverStick sells some pretty sleek metal lighter cases, available here: https://thesilverstick.com/products/bic-metal-lighter-sleeves

  • Grinder

  • A good grinder goes a long way. If you treat it right, it can even last you a lifetime. While you can certainly get by without one, ground cannabis is simply better in almost any use case. Breaking down the bud into small pieces allows for all of the particles to burn completely as they are smoked.You can even use it to store your flower if you’re without a jar for whatever reason.We love the sleek wooden aesthetic of the grinders from Marley Naturals: https://www.marleynaturalshop.com/collections/full-collection

  • Airtight Jar

  • Speaking of jars, invest in a good one! Keeping your cannabis in the receptacle it came in usually isn’t your best option (especially if it’s a plastic bag). It helps to use something air tight to keep the smell and freshness in. We’re a big fan of the Bamboo Smartjar from Stashlogix: https://stashlogix.co/collections/all-goodies/products/bamboo-smartjar

  • Headphones (for solo flight)

  • This one may go without saying, but headphones are an essential way to augment your experience when you’re doing your own thing. Whether you’re relaxing with some chill music, getting motivated on the way to the office with a business podcast, or powering up at the gym, good headphones will be your best friend. We’re partial to Apple AirPods for the sleek design and the convenience factor.

  • Pipe + Dugout

  • All the other tools are well and good, but they’re nothing without something to smoke out of. A nice pipe or one hitter is absolutely essential for your portable setup. Our favorite option here is a one hitter and dugout combo. It’s lightweight, small, and super easy to quickly use, designed specifically for smoking on-the-go. SilverStick makes wooden and leather dugouts that are about as sleek as they come. Their one hitter pipes even have a natural cotton filter which softens the inhale and takes out tar. Check out the range of SilverStick options available at: https://thesilverstick.com/

    There you have it - 5 essential tools for every on-the-go consumer. We hope you enjoyed the list. Make sure to sign up for our email list to catch future blog posts as they come out. Enjoy your next session, and be safe!

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