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The one hitter experience - perfected

Pipe with a Filter

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your compact all in one kit

Leather Dugout

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unique and beautiful grain classic dugouts

Wood Dugout

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"This classy one hitter is a major upgrade from the classic."

"SilverStick No. 2 on Rolling Stone's Gift Guide!"

"SilverStick has upgraded the traditional one-hitter."

"This multi-hitter pipe will change how you smoke forever."

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Best Sellers

SilverStick large pipe

SilverStick - Large


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black leather dugout for one hitter

Leather Dugout: Toasted Brown


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natural cotton filters for pipe and one hitter

100 Cotton Filters - Large


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SilverStick large and slim pipes

SilverStick Pipes

Keep your draws smooth, trap tar, and block embers with these oversized one hitters with natural cotton filters.


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"This Multi-Hitter Pipe Will Change How You Smoke Forever."
- Herb
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Leather dugout with pipe, lighter, container, and poker

Leather Dugouts

A compact and stylish leather carrying case for all your smoking essentials.


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Made in the USA, and details like direction etchings on the inside make it truly considered and convenient."
- Cool Hunting
wooden dugout for one hitter pipe

Wooden Dugouts

These classic dugouts have beautiful & unique grains guaranteed to make yours one-of-a-kind.


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Exquisite dugout completes a nostalgia-inducing combustion bat."
- The Cannabist
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pokers, end caps, airtight containers, and natural cotton filters


Need a refill? We have replacement natural cotton filter packs as well as pokers, caps, and airtight containers to keep your experience smooth and easy.


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"The filter and design gives the SilverStick an incredibly smooth hit
that tastes great."
- WeedWeek