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The one hitter pipe with a filter

Clean & Natural

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dramatically reduce your tar intake

Breathe Easier

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easy-to-clean, dependable and portable

Share the Full Experience

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SilverStick one hitter review in Rolling Stone Magazine

The Cleaner, Safer One Hitter Experience

Eliminates embers  •  Reduces tar  •  Softens inhale  
Larger bowl  •  Pocket-sized  •  Extremely durable  
The SilverStick™ is a healthier take on the traditional one hitter pipe. It offers the full experience of smoking with no embers and considerably less tar because of its natural cotton filter. 

The generous bowl allows for a shared experience (generally providing 4-6 draws). It is extremely durable and won’t break like glass pipes. It's easy to use, easy to clean and has no electronics, so you don’t have to worry about running out of juice when you’re on the go.  
Exquisite dugout completes a nostalgia-inducing combustion bat

- Ben Livingston

This sleek, pocket-sized one-hitter comes complete with a filter designed to keep your inhales smooth.

- Sarah Brown

The SilverStick, a healthier take on the one hitter. There's a larger bowl, significantly less tar because of a natural cotton filter, and no embers. Not to mention a stylish chrome finish.

- Tokyo Smoke


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