Aromatic Cedar Dugout

  • Cedar dugout for SilverStick one hitter taster pipe with a filter (1352552611932)
  • aromatic cedar wood dugout box for pipe (1352552611932)
  • cedar wood dugout for SilverStick one hitter (1352552611932)
  • cedar wood dugout box for one hitter pipe (1352552611932)
  • cedar wood dugout box for silverstick pipe with filter (1352552611932)
  • top of cedar dugout for silverstick chillum (1352552611932)
  • wood dugout made of cedar for SilverStick pipe with filter (1352552611932)
  • Aromatic Cedar Dugout (1352552611932)
  • SilverStick one-hitter taster pipe with a filter, cap, poker, and filters (1352552611932)

Aromatic Cedar Dugout

Add Pipe - $25

Pipe Color Choice*

Pipe Color Choice*

Add Metal Lighter Case - $9

leather dugout icon pipe icon pipe icon lighter icon

Total - $

*The base dugout does not include the SilverStick pipe, accessories, or lighter unless you add them with the builder above.  

Color: Aromatic Cedar 

Nothing compares to the subtle, wonderful scent of Cedar. This wood is known for being incredibly resistant to aging, and it imbues your tobacco with a subtle earthy, spicy aroma. This smooth-grained wood is characterized by a reddish-purple hued heartwood as well as streaks of white sapwood, lending it a beautiful warm exterior.

*Exotic wood varies in color and grain even within its own species. No two dugouts are the same. The variations in color and grain make each piece unique and one of a kind, and because they are handmade, each one will have its own nuances.


The SilverStick Wood Dugouts are a modern take on a classic design. True to their predecessors, these dugouts have a chamber for your pipe and herb.  Our design has an extra chamber you can use to store extra filters or a second strain of herb.  They also built poker storage.  When you lay the dugout flat the groove on the back acts as a convenient rest for your SilverStick. The SilverStick Wood Dugouts are crafted from sustainably harvested lumber and sealed for longevity, resulting in a truly unique and beautiful dugout.

Your SilverStick Wood Dugout purchase includes:  

  • Handcrafted Aromatic Cedar Wood Dugout


  • 4.5" (H) x 2.5" (W) x .65" (D)


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Victor Harris

Love it, the filter makes it so much more enjoyable!

Exactly what I wanted!

Excellent quality and craftsmenship!

Joe M
Fit, Finish, and the smells! (and super chill people to deal with!)

This is NOTHING like the crappy imported wooden dugouts that litter your local headshop. The lids fit nice and tight with no gaps. The wood is AAA+ grade aromatic cedar, beautifully figured and colored, Every surface is sanded super smooth. It feels really good in your hands, and it smells so nice. The people at Silverstick are nice too! My order had shipping issues (not their fault - this is totally on USPS). They answered my emails promptly, and communicated throughout the whole ordeal. You can really tell they care about their customers. It's evident in the product, and the service after the sale.

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