SilverStick - Slim

  • SilverStick Slim one hitter pipe with a filter
  • fog gray one hitter pipe with a filter
  • black metal travel pipe
  • red SilverStick metal one hitter
  • SilverStick Slim one hitter pipe with a filter inside eco friendly packaging
  • SilverStick Slim metal one hitter with a filter
  • SilverStick Slim one hitter taster pipe with a filter, cap, and poker
  • SilverStick Slim taster pipe with a filter being screwed together
  • Slim silverstick pipe being held by woman
  • SilverStick Slim metal travel pipe with a filter being placed inside
  • slim silverstick one hitter on a bench

SilverStick - Slim

$ 25.00

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If you wish to purchase extra filters for your pipe aside from those included, purchase the Slim filters. The Large filters are not meant for this size pipe.

  • Slim aircraft-grade alloy pipe
  • 15 Slim natural cotton filters
  • Stainless steel poker
  • Slim smell-resistant end cap

The SilverStick™ Slim is a compact alternative to the SilverStick Large due to its smaller bowl (good for 2-3 draws) and slender profile. Its smaller size also allows it to fit in most standard 4" dugouts. The Slim is an oversized one-hitter due to its deep bowl, and it has a natural cotton filter to provide a smooth, more enjoyable draw while trapping tar and blocking hot embers from reaching your lungs. Since it's electronics free, it's extremely reliable and easy to clean. 

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