5 Reasons Why The SilverStick is the Best Smoking Tool for Van Lifers


If you’ve been living the van life for a while now, you already know that every single decision about what to bring along is important. You’ve probably already had to get rid of a handful of the seemingly awesome things you found on Pinterest or Instagram in favor of something more practical or space-friendly.

If you’re brand new to van life (or just thinking about making the plunge) you’ll quickly learn that there’s a whole laundry list of concerns when deciding what you can bring with you in your new home on the road: How much of a footprint does the item take up? How heavy is it? Will it break easily? Will it get stolen? Can it have multiple uses? Is it absolutely essential?

These are things that most people living in conventional homes don’t have to put too much thought into, but it’s imperative that van lifers consider them. You’re operating with a very limited amount of space and storage. These factors come into play when thinking about your smoking setup as well.

Just because you’re moving into your van doesn’t mean you have to give up your smoking routine - you just have to adapt to your new circumstances. While your six foot glass bong may be a big hit at house parties (pun intended), it simply won’t suffice on the road. Let’s talk about why the most practical smoking solution for van dwellers is The SilverStick.

The Size

This is pretty obvious, but you’re going to want a piece that doesn’t take up a lot of space. This will allow it to be easy to store and won’t take up too much room, allowing lots of space for all of your other essentials. It’s not going to weigh you down at all, and can easily fit into any sized compartment or container you feel like using. Heck, you can even comfortably fit it in your pocket all day if you want.

The Durability

If you’ve been on the road for a while, you know the feeling. That bump is a little bigger than you thought, or that turn is a little sharper. Next thing you know, something comes crashing down in the back and breaks just like that. That’s never a good feeling, and that’s also something you never need to worry about with the SilverStick pipe. By using an ultra durable aircraft-grade alloy instead of glass, this pipe is simply NOT going to break. You could even back over it with your van and it’ll still be fine (trust us, we’ve tested it ourselves!)

The Low Profile

Simply put, this pipe is super discreet. To go along with our points about size, you can really put it anywhere. If you are trying to be stealth and discreet, there really isn't a better option. The SilverStick can easily be tucked away wherever and whenever you want, even if it’s fully loaded.

The Ease of Use

This thing is really easy to use. Like really, really easy. Like your non-smoker grandmother could figure it out. The last thing you want after a 12 hour day on the road and a cold shower in the LA Fitness locker room is to fuss with rolling something up or charging up a battery. Just pack and puff - that’s it. Once you’re done, throw it right back where you store it.

The Cost

Again, one thing that everyone on the road knows is sometimes things go missing. It’s beyond explanation sometimes - things will just disappear, even though you KNOW they never left the van. That being said, you don’t want something overly expensive, just in case it needs to be replaced. Not to mention with gas prices these days, every dollar counts. At just $25, it’s not the end of the world if you lose your SilverStick.

There you have it - 5 reasons why we think the SilverStick is the perfect pipe for van lifers. Do you live on the road and use the SilverStick? Send us some pictures on Instagram so we can repost you! Safe travels, and stay elevated.

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