Full Metal Clipper Lighter

  • Clipper full metal lighters (285362225183)
  • chrome clipper lighter with replaceable flint (285362225183)
  • brushed nickel refillable clipper lighter (285362225183)
  • matte black metal clipper lighter (285362225183)
  • ombre gradient metal clipper lighter (285362225183)
  • Silverstick one hitter with metal clipper lighter (285362225183)
  • metal clipper lighter with silverstick one hitter and leather dugout (285362225183)

Full Metal Clipper Lighter

$ 15.00

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Built with a full metal body for durability, these Clippers® are completely refillable and reflintable, with an adjustable flame and a strike wheel that can be pulled out and used as a tamper. And the best part: it fits perfectly into your Leather Dugout.

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