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Leather Dugout: Typewriter Black

  • black leather dugout for pipe with a filter, lighter, airtight stash container, and poker
  • black leather travel dugout with a pipe with a filter, metal clipper lighter, airtight stash container, and poker
  • pipe filter storage compartment in black leather dugout
  • inside of black leather travel dugout for SilverStick pipe with a filter
  • black leather dugout holding pipe with a filter, lighter, airtight stash container, and poker
  • Matte black and ombre full metal clipper lighters
  • chrome and brushed nickel full metal clipper lighters
  • black leather dugout sitting in front of black typewriter
  • Person holding black leather travel dugout and SilverStick pipe with a filter
  • Person holding black leather dugout, SilverStick pipe with a filter, and metal Clipper lighter
  • Person holding black leather dugout and putting it in their pocket
  • SilverStick metal one hitter taster pipe with a filter
  • SilverStick metal one hitter pipe, end cap, poker, and cotton filters

Leather Dugout: Typewriter Black

$ 75.00


Base ($55): For those who already have the SilverStick and accessories, your dugout comes with just an airtight container.

Essentials ($75): The essentials, your dugout comes with a pipe, airtight container, poker, smell-resistant end cap, and 15 cotton filters. The Lighter is not included in this option.

Complete ($89): The full experience, your dugout comes with a pipe, airtight container, metal Clipper lighter, poker, smell-resistant end cap, and 15 cotton filters.

The Complete Dugout can only be shipped by Ground and only within the lower 48 States due to the butane lighter. No international shipping or shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, or overseas military addresses.


The SilverStick™ Large is an oversized one-hitter (good for 4-6 draws) that uses a natural cotton filter to provide a smooth, more enjoyable draw while trapping tar and blocking hot embers from reaching your lungs.

The SilverStick™ Slim is a compact alternative to the SilverStick Large due to its smaller bowl (good for 2-3 draws) and slender profile. Its smaller size also allows it to fit in most standard 4" dugouts.


The Ombre lighter features a subtle gradient from silver to matte black that gives a scorched appearance.

The Matte Black lighter possesses an understated and velvety deep black exterior.

The Brushed Nickel lighter features a stormy gray outer shell.

The Chrome lighter boasts a radiant mirrored silver shell.

The Shiny Gold lighter has a vibrant mirrored gold surface.

The Brushed Gold lighter is a subtle aged brass finish sure to age beautifully over time.

The Typewriter Black Leather Dugout is designed for your life on the go. It holds your lighter, pipe, herb, poker, and filters in one discrete and compact place the size of the palm of your hand. Each Leather Dugout is handmade in the US out of rich, black, high-quality leather, and we've even etched icons of the contents into the leather, so you know exactly where they fit best.


  • 2 1/2" (W) x  3 7/8" (H) x 3/4" (D)

*There will be slight variations in color and texture because of the nuances of hand-dyed leather and the process of handcrafting each dugout.

Orders placed before 11:00AM MST Monday - Friday will ship same day.

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