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Instructions & Tips

How to Use Your SilverStick

Unscrew the SilverStick and insert one of the cotton filters into the mouthpiece. Screw the metal pieces back together and put your product into the reservoir (bowl) end. Light while gently inhaling through the mouthpiece.

 If your product is dry or ground, works best if bowl is well-packed.

 The metal one-hitter pipe with a filter with a bigger dugout for sharing.

Filter Replacement

Change your filter every 1-3 bowls or as you find necessary. To remove the used filter, unscrew the SilverStick and push the poker (which is included) thru the mouthpiece. Replace the used filter with a fresh one.

 reduce tar while smoking by using filters in the SilverStick one hitter pipe

Easy to Clean

Unscrew the SilverStick and remove the used filter. Place the metal pieces (along with the poker) in a small bowl or short glass. Fill it with rubbing (isopropyl) alcohol until the pieces are completely submerged. (Rubbing alcohol is inexpensive and readily available at any supermarket or drug store).

Wait 30 minutes and swirl the contents to help remove any remaining residue. Then wipe the pieces clean with a paper towel or a Q-tip and rinse with water.


  1. The lighter trick: when inhaling, in order to know if the product in the bowl is lit, use the reflective metallic part of the lighter as a mirror.
  2. If the product is particularly dry or is ground up, it works best to pack the bowl tightly.
  3. A slow, steady draw helps to prevent the product from being pulled through the SilverStick. Of course, unlike an ordinary one hitter/taster pipe, the filter will block any debris from reaching the mouthpiece (or your lungs).

Dugout Instructions 

Works best to EMPTY THE BOWL of ash and whatnot before placing the Silverstick back into Dugout, bowl end down (as shown in pictures).

The lids may need adjustment depending on the humidity of your location. If you're going to adjust the lids, BE CAREFUL NOT TO OVERTIGHTEN OR STRIP THE SCREWS! A small turn goes a long way.

Because they are made of natural woods, there will be variations in color and grain. And because they are handmade, each one will have it's own nuances.

We coat our dugouts with a finishing wax in order to seal and protect them. Most of our dugouts absorb the wax in a way where they turn out matte from the beginning; however, some woods turn out glossy due to wood being inherently varied and subject to its own nuances, but the shine eventually wears off with use. If you love that glossy look, we use a premium finishing wax called Renaissance Wax Polish for our products, which you can grab here. You can also get finishing wax at most hardware stores.

*Cap not to be used with Dugout


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