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Why SilverStick?

The world is changing. Along with the new attitudes toward smoking, has come a tidal wave of portable technology to meet the demand. Unfortunately, many people are now discovering that with these new devices they are not getting the full experience they expect.

silverstick one-hitter pipe with a filter

The SilverStick™ is the sensible alternative for those who enjoy the time-honored tradition of smoking, but want to do it in a healthier way. It eliminates embers and removes tar, while still providing the full experience. Though it is thought of as a one hitter, the generous bowl allows for sharing, generally providing 4-6 draws. It’s so portable, dependable, and easy to use that it slips seamlessly into the life of anyone on the go. No electronics and no charger necessary. There is also no exposure to the chemical residues often found in the concentrates that are commonly used in other devices...just herbs or tobacco and biodegradable cotton to filter it. Simplicity with style. (Instructions and Tips)

The SilverStick is made of aircraft grade alloy and comes with 25 cotton filters, 1 stainless steel poker...and an end cap. SilverStick measures 3.125"(L) x .44"(D) and weighs .5 oz.

  • Eliminates embers
  • Reduces tar
  • Softens the inhale
  • Larger bowl
  • Pocket-size
  • Extremely durable
  • Highly dependable

    The Filters (Keeping it Natural)

    SilverStick tar reducing natural cotton filtersIf you care enough about your health to smoke through a filter, then it makes sense to choose one made out of natural fibers, not plastic (which is what most cigarette filters are made of, generally cellulose acetate).

    The SilverStick filters are made of unrefined cotton without the use of bleach, chlorine, or any other additives for that matter! They're just cotton and a thin piece of natural paper holding it into shape making them 100% biodegradable.

    They reduce tar intake and prevent embers from ever reaching your mouth, or more importantly your lungs, providing the full experience without the gunk! Designed to fit into the SilverStick, they are a convenient size that works well for rolling too.

    • 100% Biodegradable Cotton
    • Unbleached & Chlorine-Free
    • No Chemicals or Additives

     silverstick used one hitter natural cotton pipe filters

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