Leather Dugout: Typewriter Black

  • black leather dugout for pipe with a filter, lighter, airtight stash container, and poker
  • inside of black leather travel dugout for SilverStick pipe with a filter
  • black leather travel dugout with a pipe with a filter, metal clipper lighter, airtight stash container, and poker
  • black leather dugout holding pipe with a filter, lighter, airtight stash container, and poker
  • pipe filter storage compartment in black leather dugout
  • silverstick one hitter pipe comes in red, black, gray, and silver
  • Matte black and ombre full metal clipper lighters
  • chrome and brushed nickel full metal clipper lighters
  • black leather dugout sitting in front of black typewriter
  • black leather dugout sitting open near SilverStick one hitter
  • black leather dugout in front of grass
  • black leather dugout held by man in suit with silverstick pipe
  • Person holding black leather dugout, SilverStick pipe with a filter, and metal Clipper lighter
  • SilverStick metal one hitter pipe, end cap, poker, and cotton filters

Leather Dugout: Typewriter Black

Build Your Dugout

Add Pipe - $25

Pipe Color Choice*

Pipe Color Choice*

Add Clipper Lighter - $15

leather dugout icon pipe icon pipe icon lighter icon

Total - $

*Free Shipping in US on orders over $70!

**If you purchase a lighter, your package must be shipped USPS ground. Please do not choose an expedited option because it will cause shipping delays and your package will still be shipped ground.**

Horween Leather

These dugouts are crafted from the highest quality Horween Leather, a historic American tannery that's been crafting some of the best leather in the world for over 100 years. The Typewriter Black dugout is made from smooth, soft leather that wears in to your lifestyle, softening and developing its own unique character with time.


Unlike standard dugouts, the SilverStick™ Leather Dugout is truly your all-in-one carrying case. With the Leather Dugout, you can keep your lighter, pipe, tobacco, poker, and filters in one discrete, compact place the size of a wallet. We've even etched icons of the contents into the leather, so you know exactly where they fit best.

  • Premium black leather dugout
  • Airtight Storage Container
  • Measurements: 2.5" (W) x  3.88" (H) x .75" (D)

There will be slight variations in color and texture because of the nuances of hand-dyed leather and the process of handcrafting each dugout. 

*The base dugout does not include the SilverStick and Clipper lighter unless you add them with the builder above or add them on their own separate product pages.

Orders placed before 11:00AM MST Monday - Friday will be sent out on the same day.

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